Defining SBS Alumnus Mrs Nomalungelo Xaba-Mkhize as a woman who wears many hats is an understatement. This visionary leader is the Chief Finance Officer at Umgeni Water, a qualified Chartered Accountant, is the Chairperson of SBS’s Governing Body as well being a wife and mother.

Mrs Xaba-Mkhize says the recipe for her success is hard work and dedication, living up to the values her mother and grandmother taught her and the important lessons learnt during her time at SBS.

‘These are things that I can safely say were instilled in me from an early age that still help me today. My mom and grandmother, who raised me, taught me that women are strong as well as that young girls should be reminded, that it is within them to be what they want, and to be the leaders that society needs, by excelling in all that they do. While SBS (then Pinetown Convent) taught me resilience (as I had to overcome the challenge of the language barrier that came with attending a multiracial school for the first time), the school’s interventions and Speech and Drama classes helped me and had a positive impact on my confidence levels, which is important in leadership,’ she said.

As all of her various roles come with many responsibilities and challenges, Mrs Xaba-Mkhize is grateful for the support of people in her life which empower her to do it all!

As SBS we are very proud of Mrs Xaba-Mkhize and wish her more success in future.


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