Catholic Independent Co - Educational School.

From its inception, St Benedict School has been a family school where everybody is welcomed, no matter what background, both cultural or religious, and where mutual appreciation and love binds all together as a community of equals and friends.

Its unique character emanates from the spirituality of the school’s founders, the Missionary Sisters of the Precious Blood (CPS). Even today they try to bring to a world that so often creates deep wounds and pain a message of healing and freeing redemption.

ethos St-Benedict-School-Unites-05

‘God is my father; I am His child.’

 ‘Unity is Strength.’

‘No talent is too humble that it cannot be used.’

‘Lont nit lugg – never give up.’


As a Catholic School, St Benedict continues to foster the religious development of all its family members through:

  • Upholding the traditions of the Catholic Church,
  • Embracing all denominations and religions as propagated through the 2 Vatican Council,
  • Dealing with life-related topics during religious education classes and teaching spiritual values in all our daily interactions,
  • Holding Eucharistic celebrations for all in the school’s hall once a term and Class Masses,
  • Offering prayer and communion services regularly in the school’s chapel,
  • Encouraging in learners, staff and parents times of quiet prayer in the chapel garden,
  • Praying a Midday prayer as united school at 12 o’clock,
  • Holding in-class morning assemblies thus setting a spiritual tone for the school day ahead,

The highlight of the year is the St Benedict Feast Day Mass where the whole school community gives thanks for the school and all its stakeholders. Outreach is an integral component of our Catholic Ethos and learners are encouraged to think and help the disadvantaged members of our wider community.