The Toastmasters Evening took place at the end of May, the culmination of an informative and interesting eight week course which had been completed by 17 of our Grade 11 learners.This Youth Leadership Course aimed at providing our St Benedict learners, the potential leaders for the year 2013, with some tips, tricks and much insight into what it takes to deliver a speech in a public forum. The learners were divided into speakers, evaluators and a few managerial positions such as Time-Keeper and Chairman.

The speeches that evening were very well received by the audience and much appreciation was awarded whenever the Word-of-the-Day was used… and my goodness was – horripilate‖ (or goosebumps) difficult to place in some contexts!

We loved Reilly’s anecdotes as Joke Master, Simone’s ability to call the entire hall to order, Nicole’s introductions as Chairman and laughed whenever CJ led the hall in thunderous applause—especially when that applause was for her very own Feedback Session! The speeches themselves ranged in topics and we received much thought-provoking content around phobias, the love of money, South Africa’s future and even that age-old question: what came first, the chicken or the egg?

Thank you to both Mr Mons and Mrs Atkinson for guiding the Grade 11s in learning such a significant set of skills. Finally, a very big congratulations to the Grade 11s who received certificates of merit – and thank you for a very entertaining evening!