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WE grow & learn through joy!

Finding joy in what we do fundamentally transforms our approach to work and life. When we engage in activities that bring us happiness, our motivation naturally increases, leading to enhanced creativity, productivity, and resilience. This intrinsic motivation not only makes the process of learning more enjoyable but also improves the likelihood of achieving success. Joy fuels our persistence in the face of challenges and inspires innovation by encouraging a positive, open mindset.

This is why we, as educators at St Benedict School, teach to instil joy. This helps our students not only excel in their endeavours but also find a deeper sense of fulfilment and purpose.

Our Grade R's learn the letter "L"

The letter “L” is for lion, so our Grade R’s made some beautiful artwork pieces from paper plates and then some delicious treats that roared with flavour.

World Read Aloud Day!

This year, our Grade 3’s came and read to our Grade R’s for World Read Aloud Day!

The Grade 3’s were superstar readers, and the Grade R’s loved the storytime with them.

World Read Aloud Day is a global advocacy day dedicated to celebrating the importance of reading aloud and sharing stories. It emphasizes the significance of reading aloud for children’s literacy development, fostering a love for reading, and improving listening skills. Initiated by LitWorld, a nonprofit organization advocating for literacy, World Read Aloud Day encourages people of all ages to read aloud together and share stories to highlight the power of reading and storytelling as a cornerstone for learning, community building, and cultural understanding.

World Read Aloud Day aims to advocate for literacy as a fundamental human right that belongs to all people and to underscore the critical role of oral storytelling in preserving cultural traditions and fostering connections across generations.

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