Wednesday, 9 August 2016, marked National Women’s Day and commemorated the 60th Anniversary of the great women’s march in 1956 to the Union Buildings.
St Benedict School is also celebrating their 60th anniversary this year and honours all women from all walks of life. We acknowledge the important role of women and pay tribute to the women who have helped to mould South Africa and to those who continue to lead our country forward.
Seen here are some of the St Benedict learners – Jamie Young (Head Girl, Grade 12), Jade Geladaris (Grade 6), Gabrielle Garrod (Grade 1) and Maneo Mthethwa (Grade 6) – showing their love and appreciation for the ladies who make their school the special place that it is – Agnes Mathobela (Maintenance Staff), Ursula Collings (Acting HOD, High School), Pam Morrissey (Acting Principal), Miss Karen Pitamber (Intermediate Phase Educator), Mrs Linda Howie (Finance) and Mrs Lauren Slogrove (Foundation Phase Educator).