After spending the first 6 weeks of this term studying Farming in Social Science, the Grade Fours concluded the section with a trip to Maywood Farm, a commercial dairy, beef and poultry farm, on Monday 31st August.

The excited children got to feed the calves their early morning bottle of milk and to collect the hen’s eggs.  They also saw how the milking machines work, the orchards of orange and avo trees and the beef cattle.  Some are eager future farmers in the making while others decided that the smells and realities of being up close and personal with animals was enough to realise that they are city slickers at heart!

They all enjoyed the ‘popart’ sheep activity but the highlight for many hungry children was eating their yummy lunch on top of a hale bale.

Kerry Peckham kept them entertained all day and fun was had by all.

By Mrs S. Mackintosh and Mrs L. Pieters