The Senior Phase of the General Education and Training section at St Benedict School embraces Grades 8 and 9.

Integration in Grade 8 is facilitated by relevant programmes. These allow each learner to become a unique and precious part of the St Benedict family.

Learners in this phase are moving not only from Primary to Secondary Education, but are experiencing the transition from youth to adulthood. We at St Benedict School support our learners in every facet of transition, in the spirit of Christianity, so that all learners emerge triumphant, each according to their own talents and abilities, to enable them to become constructive, dependable members of the adult world. We follow the skills-based approach in our learning areas but utilise sound educational methods to achieve success.

Throughout Grade 9, students follow the final GET programme to achieve a GET certificate and allow them to move on to the FET phase. Our curriculum is monitored through the Independent Exam Board.