The learners from the St Benedict School Sciences Department celebrated a successful year when they recently competed in the Eskom Expo for Young Scientists. Approximately 488 learners from schools across the province participated in the Eskom Science Expo in KwaZulu Natal. The Expo brought together learners, teachers, professional organisations, educational bodies and governments from all over the world.

The SBS learners had an opportunity to exhibit their own scientific investigations and engineering projects.  26 learners represented the school and achieved great success, being awarded with:
3 Gold Medals and certificates
5 Silver Medals and certificates
8 Bronze Medals and certificates
Highly Commended certificates

By participating in the Eskom Science Expo, the learners gained an increased awareness of the wonders of science and engineering, added to their knowledge and explored their entrepreneurial possibilities. While broadening their scientific horizons, the young SBS scientists are developing in multiple ways, especially their critical thinking skills.